How Does it Work?

Get a unique and highly visible Emergency Passport QR code card so that in an emergency doctors can scan the QR code to instantly unlock individual medical records. Be safer in an emergency with your essential contacts and health record QR code activated; accessible 24/7.

Having the right information in an emergency is vital, and it’s impossible to keep track of everyone’s allergies, health needs and medical history, all of the time. The Emergency Health Record Passport (accessed 24/7 by QR code) provides personal health history and allergy information, giving medical professionals everything they need to support your employee in a medical crisis.

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Emergency Passport

Get fast accurate care wherever you are 24/7 across all devices and territories

Emergency Passport is a practical, easy to implement solution which demonstrates commitment to wellbeing and provides a clear enhanced benefit to all.

The service is managed wholly by Medelinked. Access to an administration dashboard can be linked to the company’s emergency assistance protocols, and supports seamlessly with assistance offerings to and support systems.

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Contact details

Get a unique and highly visible healthPassport QR code card to carry in your wallet or phone case

In an emergency, doctors can scan the QR code to instantly unlock your personal emergency medical record. Getting better help, quickly. It could save your life.

It’s quick and easy for you to fill in the emergency health details, and we’ll connect this record to your unique QR code card. A bright red strip along the top of the card makes it highly visible to anyone searching for ID in an emergency. Additional key fobs and passport stickers can also be ordered.

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The power to make health data mobile with QR code activated record sharing

The Veterans Health Passport powered by Medelinked have developed technologies that enables us all to have our medical information available when we need it. This includes:


 Ability to receive records from your doctor and uploads from USB devices and CDs

Platform supports viewing, storage and sharing of full MRI, CT Scan and X-Ray DICOM within your dedicated secure network

Reporting and second options can now happen in real-time globally with one time link record sharing and receiving