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Veterans Health Passport 

VHP helps you manage your health and wellbeing with all your service and current health information in one place in a secure online health account


It is connected into your health support

network, so you can get the healthcare

you deserve

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Veterans Health Passport

The Veterans Health Passport powered by Medelinked  is an online cloud account where you store all your health information, including service medical records, medications, vaccinations, allergies, consultation notes, X-rays along with tracker and health app data

You can then use our tools and services to ensure that your health professionals  have the right information to make informed decisions about you and your health

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Your clinical records -store, manage, share

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VHP supports real time sharing of X-Rays, MRI DICOM image files

Supports your health management across all platforms

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Manage Records

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Find Services


Share Scans


Receive Care

Integrated smart HealthTools

Health Records - Medications, Allergies
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Full Medical Record Storage, from Fitbit Data, GP records through to advanced Genomic profiles.

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What’s your Score

Medelinked HealthScore
gives a visual daily snapshot
of your health progress. Connect to your Fitbit or Apple Watch to see how steps and other numbers influence your score.

Find great care
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Find a doctor and other services and add them to your network, including, specialist Dentist, Physio, screenings centres.

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Connect to
Health Tech

Connect to our partner Apps via the Medelinked Health App Exchange to bring all of your devices together with your clinical records. 

Latest linked Health News

Get the latest health advice and use tools linked to your data from the worlds leading trusted sources including the UK NHS.

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Share critical information

Share records with Telemedicine doctors with one time link and click to connect.

Family are covered

Create family accounts
and connect together to make managing everyone’s health super easy.

Safe to Travel

Covid-19 clear to work
WellCheck Assessment with travel declaration support for testing results, vaccination status and insurance cover.

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The Global Health Passport
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Emergency Health Record Passport, speaks if you can’t; 24/7 accessible by a dedicated QR Code.

Emergency Access 24/7

Having the right information in an emergency is vital, and it’s impossible to keep track of everyone’s allergies, health needs and medical history, all of the time.

The Emergency Health Record Passport (accessed 24/7 by QR code) provides personal health history and allergy information, giving medical professionals everything they need to support your employee in a medical crisis.

Get a unique and highly visible Health Passport QR code card so that in an emergency doctors can scan the QR code to instantly unlock individual medical records. Be safer in an emergency with your essential contacts and health record QR code activated; accessible 24/7.

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